Laser VII festival Otrokiv

Афіша Фестивалю «Отроків»

January 1, 2014 at the Kyiv Maydan theVII-th Laser show Festival "OTROKIV" will be held.

   The Springtime of spirit is coming

 and  blind is the one who does not see it, 

heartless is the one who does not understand it,

 whose creativity does not  flourishes , 

for whom the awakening of his people are not welcomed!

   220 years ago the limit of empires passed  through Ukraine. And like a candle in the darkness, that came from the east, on this  limit emerged the state of Myn’kivtsi. The borderline pillars around 15 villages pointed out - this is the Domain of  Myn'kivtsi, and there 's Russian kingdom.

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